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From the creator of the Zeromaster, in Japan:

KEN TRADING BRAIN releases a brand "R-X-W SOLID" for western countries in the beginning of 21st century. "R" repersents "Rock," "X" is for "Excel," "W" means "Watch, and Solid as strong. That is "The watch stronger than rock." At the same time, the brand represents absolute confidence of Takeshi Sato, the owner of the company. For example, the stainless steel SUS316L is overwhelmingly stronger highest-quality type compared with standard stainless steel 304L. Magnetic force is must be avoided for the precision of watches but SUS316L has the property that is difficult to be magnetized. In addition, the material is left as it is for a long period, and only the one without bending or rust is used for the model. Further, to increase durability, more than 100t of pressure and heat are applied as "forging process," and the solid case with extreme durability and dense molecular structure is completed. ZEROMASTER is the memorial 1st model of such R-X-W SOLID. The model also features UTC World Timer with independently-moving 24h hand and antimagnetic dial plate. The model actively adopts new materials and technology including antimagnetic feature. On the other hand, unique antique index, Mont-Blanc-shaped acrylic crystal, and retrospective design are adopted. "Old" but "New" high-dimensional accord shows high integrity as the 1st model of R-X-W SOLID. Elaborate craftsmanship and performance specially prepared for "Modern adventures who explore big cities in the world" will surely attracts all the antique watch fans. Challenge to the 21st century, new sense of value, ultimate specifications, and the passion for watches without compromise--there are many keywords to express R-X-W. However, it is certain that the model ZEROMASTER created from such background will never be faded even after hundreds of years. Ultimate strong and retrospective UTC world timer watch is born here.

Impressive large bezel is characteristic anti-taper design. Rotation to both direction with clicking. 24h graduation with excellent visibility. The form impresses simplicity and toughness of ZEROMASTER. Nonskidding notches and decorative wild screw on the side

The red hand accenting the face is 24h type. To increase visibility, NATURAL-LUMINOVA paint is used on the top triangle. The 24h hand independently moves not interlocked with short hand and can display three places of time using together with the rotating bezel. In the information-oriented society, the time of Wall Street is sometimes more important than your local time.

Multi-lock system with screwing crown, 5 O-rings at the tube and crown, and 2 O-rings at the case promises secure waterproof. The crown is 8mm diameter with excellent operability. 

The Mont-Blanc-shaped acrylic crystal windshield whose outer circle is upheaved with sharp top. Characteristic design with excellent visibility and antishock performance. The extremely strong case is made of antimagnetic highest stainless steel SUS316L applying tons of pressure. 

The self-winding movement with antishock feature (Inca block adopted), 21 stones, and 28800 high frequency is the product of world's best movement manufacturer Swiss ETA. With the antimagnetic soft-iron dial plate, ring, and cover, the watch is protected from electromagnetic waves from office equipment including PC and handy phone

The unique dial plate has roman index on the upper half and numeric index on the lower half. Calendar is at the 6-o'clock position. Gloss-finish black color full of luxurious feeling. Matches with the "Benz" hands and anti-taper bezel creating sporty and mysterious impression. It can be recognized as ZEROMASTER at a glance.

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RXW Zeromaster GMT

A modern homage to an extremely rare 1937 Rolex
Hi, this is Alan, thanks for reading. My contact information is below. Here is a circa 2001 automatic GMT watch called RXW Zeromaster, designed as an homage to an extremely rare 1937 Rolex chronograph. The chrono was called Zerograph, and it has been stated that between 7 and 12 of these were ever made. That's pretty crazy. 

It has also been said that only 100 of the Zeromaster were ever made.
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