Timex Boy Sea Scouts Explorer Watch, 1954-1956.

This is a very nice Timex with the emblem of the Sea Scouts.  It has a clean black dial, crisp green painted luminous numbers, white hand luminous, and a bright red sweep seconds. Case is chrome plated. Manufacture date of November 1954 ink-stamped on the inside caseback. A nice '50s Timex.
Hi This is Alan. Thanks for reading. My contact info at at the far bottom. Here is a 1954 Timex with the Sea Scouts emblem, a senior division of Explorer Boy Scouts. The symbol is from a division of the Boy Scouts, called Explorer Sea Scouts. You can see ads for this watch, and also a pic of a vintage Sea Scouts badge, below.

(NOTICE: The URL of this page has "navy" because many years ago when I made this page, there was the belief that this might have been a watch sold to navy personnel. This is NOT correct. This was in NO way a Navy or military watch. It was a watch sold through Boy Scouts outlets. There is nothing at all military about it.
I hope you will like it

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The Explorer, with Radiolite (radium) dial sold for $11.95 in this 1956 ad. Available at Boy Scout Trading Posts.
1949 Sea Scouts Badge. You can see it's the same as the emblem on the dial.