Kelton Clock : 1950s, Electric
'Harmony of design is keynote to an attractive kitchen.'  *
I truly hope I will never 'get into' clocks. There is a whole world I don't want to go into. But still, I only have a few. I really like this one. It's a 10-inch '50s clock from 'Kelton' a brand of the US Time Corporation, predecessor to Timex. It's Electric, keeps very good time, and makes a machinery murmur as it goes along. I don't mind the humming. The chrome is in very good shape, as is the 6-inch crystal, which is glass.  It looks a bit like a '50's era flying saucer.

The clock is very difficult to photograph. No matter how you approach it, you have reflections from the near-perfect chrome plate and from the glass. So I have had a go at it from various angles. (more below)
The movement is held in the center by four struts. Like Timex watch movements of the future this is also nothing much to look at, but it does the job. Long stem attaches to the crown outside the clock, for time setting (more.)
The outer chapter sometimes looks black, but it is actually like a grey mirror. I think it is a mirror surface, and the white has been applied over it. The 'Kelton' and 'Electric' text are similar shine-thru of the smoky mirror backing.
The clock seems to be called 'Cuisine' as indicated on the back plate.
Hands are beautiful. Red painted or enamelled hour/min, and a tapered long thin black seconds hand. I'm not sure what the font is called, but it reminds me of some sort of period, but I can't quite be sure about when or where. Does anyone know the font?

Maybe I read into things, or maybe invent meanings or origins to things in order to explain my universe. This looks like a Flying Saucer. People in the 1950s were preoccupied with Flying Saucers, Professional Spooks, and Communists. I wonder if these preoccupations made their way into consumer design. 
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