1950s His and Hers Timex Watches. Strange Bracelets.
Evidently these sort of watch bracelets had some kind of heyday. They seem to be made of all stainless steel, with alligator-style *fake* leather, made of a firm plastic! I have seen pics (see lobster ad, below!) of this style. It's actually pretty distinctive. You won't find too many people wearing it. Bit of a warm grandfatherly look, but somehow dressy. The men's version is dark brown, and the ladies is redder. The ladies, in addition to the end pieces, has little alligator bits inserted into each link as well. 

Both run very well, and keep good time. The men's watch is a bit unusual for it's time, in that it's larger than most 50s Timex. Stepped bezel as well as caseback. Both only have US Time on back, with some code number. The lobsters, below, seems to be adorned with one of these bracelets, though different watch.
Didn't other watch companies make these with real leather, or even bits of wood?
Early caseback for Timex, only 'US Time' not the later, more marked-up back. The dial on this watch is not exactly my favorite style, but I'm getting used to it. In order to wear this fab bracelet, I'll make the sacrifice.