Hilton Mystery Dial Watch
A Swiss made watch called 'Hilton,' this watch is part of a sort of 'genre' called Mystery Dial Watches. So-called because there was supposed to be a bit of a mystery in how the 'hands' moved, worked, etc. As with this one, they seem to float somewhere, not connected to the center post in the obvious way of hands. They either are hands which seem to float, or in this case round metal rings, with stones in the center (more.) The one further out closer to the periphery is the minute disc, and the other one is the hour, in keeping with standard watch hand lingo. I think it is 1950s. If you know exact date, please email me.
Furthering the mystery, you can see the minute disc seems to float such that you can see the shadow of it on the dial.
It really is a nice looking watch. Size is nice, large. I obtained this NOS from a jeweler who had it in the store for many years unused. Case is steel, and fitted to black lizard strap, poor lizard. Dial is off-white. I usually don't go for too much fancy jewels, but it seems that there are 'baguette' style diamonds or fake diamonds for the hours held in place on the dial with prongs, much like you would find on a ladies diamond ring. It's almost too girlyman. The hour/minute discs seem to also have some kind of diamond in the center. The fake baguette diamonds are a bit yellowed. If anyone knows what is the name of these stones, please email me.
Mystery revealed! The hour disc rotates on a disc in the center of the dial, inside of the black minute markings. The minute disc is on a plastic disc which you can see easily in these two photos. It is mounted on the top, and the plastic rotates much like any minute hand.
Final image: here you can see the bling fake diamontes in the center of the minute and hour discs. I don't think the center post has any diamontay. Every mystery has it's conclusion.