Timex Color Flicks, 1977!

"This is a very cool watch!  I had seen them from time to time show up.  Quite unusual. It's called Colorflix or Color Flicks. There are three fixed colors on the dial, pink, yellow and light blue. Instead of a seconds hand, there is a rotating disc with three colors. I can't even figure out what the three disc colors actually are, because they are always overlapping something else. You can see that the colors change, as the rotating disc causes the color overlaps to change. Hard to convey it here, but below are the three equidistant color schemes, and the above picture shows it in midstream, sort of in between. See below for another version with a blue dial, a larger watch.

Basically a happy, fun item to help you momentarily forget the anxieties of life in the modern world."

"Below, a larger case Colorflicks Timex with a more subdued blue dial and color wheel pattern. It has the same tricolor wheel and dial, but in various blue shades."
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Hi, this is Alan. Contact information below. This above marquee pic, and the latter part of page were taken/made in maybe 2004 or so! I'll leave that part up mostly as is. Those images are small, not great quality, but I want to keep them for reasons. But the FIRST set of images on this page (taken in 2020) with a different watch from 1977, and these first images are of the dial/hands/movement removed from the case so you can really see what it looks like. 

I have more pages on this watch, including a much smaller version, and a new "reissue" of this in 2020!
Color Flicks, Timex, 1977. Rotating disc instead of seconds hand, with three colors. Dial also has three colors, and as the disc rotates the resulting overlap color will change.
Below the green bar, and above the other green bar (basically between the green bar) is what this website looked like in 2004. I want to leave it up for old time's sake. Pics are not great.