Ben Hogan Timex wrist watch - 1953
I went golfing only once in my life and was not very good at it. But I have heard of Ben Hogan, famous US golfer from the last century. At some point, U.S. Time got together with him to endorse this Timex wrist watch. These are very rare. This one runs, keeps time. There is another Ben Hogan clock by Timex, a little mini clock to clip to the belt. This is also rare, but seems to show up much more often that the wrist watch. This is essentially the Timex Marlin model. It's the only Timex I've seen where the 'Timex' dial signage is along the lower part of the dial by the 6, instead of the usual location by 12. I guess the whole point is they wanted to spotlight Ben Hogan (more.)
The movement is the same #22 center-seconds version found in all the '50s Marlin watches. You can see the rubber gasket, and the waterproof crown. Below, Ben Hogan swings the club 100,000 times for Timex. It's interesting that the $25 price was more than usual for a 1954 Marlin, about twice the price actually. No doubt some of it was because it was a Ben Hogan signature item, but it also looks like it came in a special zippered 'simulated leather case' for gift giving, which must have helped to justify the price. Notice the strap on my watch above; not original to the watch, but looks good together I think.